Tidestore Reviews

Tidestore Reviews

Yellow top
44 SGD – boogzelapparel.com

MANGO blue skirt
86 SGD – mango.com

Converse sneaker
155 SGD – forzieri.com

Vera bradley purse
155 SGD – verabradley.com

Michael Kors jewelry
425 SGD – belk.com

Tod’s square sunglasses
495 SGD – theluxer.com

Topshop beanie hat
24 SGD – topshop.com

Charlotte Tilbury paraben free lipstick
46 SGD – knittedbelle.com

Maybelline makeup
17 SGD – veryexclusive.co.uk

Lip makeup
9.56 SGD – inthestyle.com


Tidestore Reviews

Tidestore Reviews

Erdem sheer long sleeve dress
4,670 SGD – matchesfashion.com

Casadei black patent sandals
580 SGD – gilt.com

Lazuli blue clutch
13,695 SGD – modaoperandi.com

Lazuli cabochon jewelry
320 SGD – kohls.com

Black and white pearl earrings
190 SGD – pearlparadise.com

NARS Cosmetics palette eyeshadow
71 SGD – bergdorfgoodman.com

Nars cosmetic
46 SGD – sephora.com

Lip makeup

Chico s beauty accessory
28 SGD – chicos.com

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Tidestore Reviews


If you aren`t someone who likes looking too festive , I would incorporate some velvet , since it is a texture we associate with the holidays but it`s not too festive. Also since velvet is so huge this season there are so many gorgeous pieces out there to chose from. I went for this gorgeous body to which I added a simple pair of trousers some metallic heals  and a  fun faux fur coat. I also made it a bit more special with some sparkle both in the delicate necklace and the bag.

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Tidestore Reviews

Tidestore  Reviews
Fashion Casual Long coat is the ideal material for warmth and coziness in our winter outfits. Cashmere sweaters, coats and cardigan offer us a luxurious sense by their finest and soft wool and turns to be one of the essential items of our wardrobe for this winter. Today, I gathered my cashmere selections by Tidestore.com, an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers.
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Tidestore Reviews


It doesn’t look like much, but this tattered piece of clothing found buried in an ancient Egyptian cemetery has been confirmed as the world’s oldest dress as well as the oldest woven garment known to archaeologists.

Called the Tarkhan dress, the remarkable garment has now officially been dated by University College London researchers to between 5,100 and 5,500 years old. That places it way back to the First Dynasty of ancient Egypt, and possibly even earlier.

The Tarkhan dress was originally discovered in 1912 in an ancient Egyptian cemetery just south of Cairo. Archaeologists didn’t think much of it at the time, letting it languish in a “great pile of linen cloth.” Then, upon its rediscovery in 1977, it was sent to the Victoria and Albert Museum for conservation. Scientists knew it was old, but its exact date has been a matter of controversy. But new radiocarbon analysis, performed by UCL’s Alice Stevenson and Michael W. Dee, finally confirm the item’s antiquity.
“The survival of highly perishable textiles in the archaeological record is exceptional,” write the researchers,“The survival of complete, or almost complete, articles of clothing even more so.”

Indeed, the Tarkhan dress is offering unique insights into the fashion of the times. Though it looks like a shirt, similar clothing from a few centuries later suggest the garment was once a floor-length dress; the original garment was likely much longer. It features tailored sleeves, a V-neck, and narrow pleats. The dress also exhibits signs of wear, which means it was used in real life and was not some sort of fancy ornamentation. ”

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