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Tidestore Reviews


Winter has started for good. Luckily this year I have a proper one, so I am covered, warm and happy. Buying a good outwear, is not a piece a cake, though. You have to dig through hundreds of items that may be trendy and fashionable, but are actually useless. To avoid buying such pieces I follow a few rules and, trust me, it works like a charm.

1. QUALITY. I always read the label. We live in a reign of cheap acrylics and even designers use it. Crucial is to check the percentage of wool in ‘the wool’. Polyester is a material full of paradoxes. It won’t keep you warm, but will make you sweat. Additionally, polyester sweat smells like feet.
2. LAYERING. Layering is a trend this year, but there is a reason behind it. It rarely happens, I wear a winter coat only with a tee or strappy top. If you, like me, want to wear a jumper with it, make sure to have enough space for it.
3. AVOID SNOWMAN SYNDROME. Avoid looking like a giant pile of clothes. Be patient, try different designs and learn about your body. Remember, warm doesn’t mean ugly.
4. PRIORITING. Never forget to keep your body covered Naked kidneys during snow storm? I don’t think so…
5. POCKETS. For me buying a jacket with unusable pockets is like going for a dinner and end up only drinking water. Why? Two reasons: A. I tuck hands inside the pockets when it’s freezing. B. I keep my lip balm in it to keep it handy.

How do you choose your coat?

If you want to see more about fashion coat, pay close  attention to Tidestore Reviews.


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