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Is tidestore.com a scam or a legit website?

Tidestore claims that they keep selling the latest trends in fashion clothes, offering fashionable clothes of good quality at the most reasonable price for everyone in the world. Tidestore provides hundreds of products for global buyers, and most of their customers are from the US, Europe, Australia and Asia. International customers can purchase a wide range of products at very low prices on tidestore.com. In addition, their customer can also enjoy the custom made items! Tidestore also claims that all the clothing they sell are made from the top quality materials and go through rigorous inspection. IS TIDESTORE.COM A SCAM OR A LEGIT WEBSITE? Let us find out together! I have searched on google and have found a question on yahoo answer asked by a potential customer. This customer wants to make a purchase from tidestore.com but wants to hear from other customers who have purchased from tidestore before. And many people have given their answers. Let us check out below:

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Many customers who have purchased from tidestore have shared their positive purchasing experience with this potential customer. But let us check how much does tidestore score on trustpilot!


Tidestore scores 9.0 out of 10 on trustpilot, this platform is a trustworthy and very reliable reviewing website, because they will delete false reviews once they have found out on their website.  If you have purchased from tidestore.com before. You will be more than welcome to share your true purchasing experience with us!

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Lighten your hair this summer!



Girls all want their hair color lighter in summer time, but not all girls know what can they use to lighten hair except for the chemical lighteners. Actually there are several homemade lighteners you can try. These lighteners are all made of natural ingredients so your hair will not be damaged. Homemade lighteners are much cheaper than those highlighters sold in supermarket, and you can use them as many times as you want, because no chemical is added inside. Let me share with you a few homemade lighteners that you can try:

1. Tea

Tea is a great lightener, you can use chamomile tea because it could keep your hair sleek and shining. To use tea, you need:

1) 1 Tea Bag

2) Water

First, boil the water and put the tea bag in the water for 10 mins. After the tea bag has cooled, wash your hair with it and leave it on for 10-15 mins. Do this 2 or 3 times before your shampoo so you could get good effect.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda is good for helping you get rid of chemicals and could be use as a lightener as well. It takes longer than other homemade lighteners, but if you use it on your hair once a week, you can get rid of harmful chemicals and lighten your hair naturally over time.

3. Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a good choice during summer time. If you grow the plant, then you will not spend a penny. If not, you can buy it at your local store or supermarket. To lighten hair with rhubarb, you will need:

1)some chopped rhubarb

2) 2 cups water

First, boil the rhubarb and make sure it has cooled completely. Second, rinse your hair with the liquid, leave it on for about 10-15 mins, and then just clear it with water.


Invite kids to wedding ?

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Have you ever thought about why do we invite kids to the wedding ceremonies? First of all, because they are younger members in a family, and because a wedding ceremony represents the beginning of a new family, kids should be there to celebrate. Also, inviting kids could make the ceremony cuter and the atmosphere sweeter. Kids’ laughter could make great pictures for the wedding ceremony.

If you choose to have kids at your wedding date, be sure that both parents and kids will be attending. This is common sense but is overlooked by many couples. The kids of your friends and family need to be well behaved, and can play well with other kids. If those kids meet the conditions, then you should invite them to your wedding. If you are going to let the kids have fun at your wedding day, please remember do not make it look like…

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Tips for choosing dresses for your bridesmaids by tbdress reviews!

Great blog for choosing dresses for bridesmaids 🙂

Tbdress Reviews

Every girl in the world has been dreaming of her wedding gown since she was a little girl, but has any girl ever thought about what should she wear to other girls’ wedding? Probably the answer is “no”. It is said that brides choose ugly dresses for bridesmaids so that brides themselves could be stunning on their big day, but the truth is it is hard for brides to choose dresses that could look good on everyone, and satisfy everyone’s personal taste.

I will share with you 3 ideas for bridesmaid dresses that will surely let your bridesmaid love you. It is absolutely your big day, but make your bridesmaids happy with their dresses will make yourself happier, right?


1. Choose dresses in a single color and fabric but varying in styles, so your bridesmaids have options.

You want the bridesmaids to look like the same, but you also want them to wear dresses that fit their…

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Girls do these things to get the Perfect Skin

Hey girls, do you think that those girls with the perfect skin have been blessed by our

mighty creator? Most girls would say it is totally not fair, however, rather than being

jealous of them, we should have some strategies, which is to let those celebrities

who have the perfect skin reveal the secret of skin treatment at once.

Let’s take a look at these celebrities who have the perfect skin and

share their secret:) I will only tell you the secret so please do not tell others…


Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr said she would perform the art of dry brushing before showering, which she says helps

with blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and exfoliation. She scrubs her face with honey and sugar

to brighten her skin as well. And she told us that she starts each day with a glass of warm water and

lemon, followed by a homemade smoothie.


Mary-Kate and Ashley

Ashley told us she only uses products from one brand: Biologique. She says she keeps her face

hydrated and healthy with a lot of moisturizer.


Vanessa Hudgens

she says she loves a homemade brown sugar, sea salt, and olive oil body scrub.


Kristen Bell

I like to have a bit of fresh rose water with me,” Kristen Bell once told us.she likes to mix rose essential oil with water and keep it in a little bottle to spray on face. You can use peppermint or lavender essential oils too.


 Amanda Seyfried 

“I always have on SPF!” Amanda Seyfried said, when we asked her the one skin product she would recommend. She says she always uses Neutrogena’s Sunscreen ($8) because it’s easy to spray on.