Featured Artist: Lotta Kuhlhorn

featuredbannerHi guys!
I’ve been spending a bit of time studying surface pattern lately. I’m currently working on a  new line of greetings and prints for Double Dare that will be completely based in pattern and typography.
Coming up with ideas for patterns is ALOT different than what I normal do. I’ve been studying all kinda of patterns and there are really no rules except for the one obvious, repetition. Some patterns use a simple combo of shapes repeated, some complex illustrations repeated. The trouble I’m having with coming up with a good surface pattern is the subject, or an overall theme! Today while doing my research I came across a Swedish designer Lotta Kuhlhorn who creates fabulous designs and patterns. She was featured in my favourite Canadian creative magazine, Uppercase!

LottaKLotta creates book covers, designs websites, and creates surface patterns for large corporations such as Ikea. What I love about…

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